Are You Overpaying for a PPC Agency?

PPC Agencies, for the most part, are bullshit, and the way they price their services is a total scam. Most “big-time” agencies charge by percentage of spend, usually 8-15%.  If your company spends in any significant volume, there is no reason you should be paying as a percentage of spend.  You can save thousands of […]

4 Reasons To Avoid 1st Position

I have had clients that absolutely insist on being number 1, despite the fact that the #1 position does not guarantee the highest CTR, generally does not have the highest conversion rates, and is the most expensive.  Unless you’re making a branding play, your explicit goal should be something else, like sales or ROI. #1 […]

How to Measure PPC Cannibalization

In this article I’m going to advocate that you turn off your PPC entirely.  Seriously. Attribution Modeling Shmattribution Modeling You can speculate on the true lift from Adwords and other paid search all you want, but there is only one true way to figure out Adwords net effect.  I’m not talking about last click, I’m […]

What is 4% of 500 and Other Existential Questions

In 2010 I was a senior marketing analyst at a large internet retailer. After flying as the solo PPC manager for a few years, I got overwhelmed by the sheer volume of campaigns and platforms and decided it was time to get an assistant. I was amazed at just how difficult it was to find […]